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  We are a newly-built, rapidly-developing, passionate young school at Jilin University, established on May 26, 2018. Currently we have more than 40 graduate students and 10 doctoral students working in our labs, aiming for top-tier research works. In recent two years, SAI has undertaken several national scientific research projects in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Knowledge Graph. Our total research funding exceeds 17.9 million CNY (which is about 2.5 million US dollars). We also published 24 academic papers in top-tier conferences (CCF-A/B) and journals (CAS-JCR 1/2, SCI-indexed).

We are actively hiring top talents for multiple tenure-track faculty positions at all levels (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor)! We invite applications in all areas of Artificial Intelligence, including but not limited to the following areas: machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, robotics, etc.

Latest News

Zhiwei Yang's paper was accepted by IJCAI'20!

Zhepei Wei's paper was accepted by ACL'20!

Meibao Yao's paper was accepted by ICRA'20!

Yu Li's paper was accepted by AAAI'20!

Qiang Huang's paper was accepted by AAAI'20!

Hongyang Jiang's paper was accepted by BIBM 2019!

Zhining Liu's paper was accepted by ICDE 2020!

Yu Li's paper was accepted by IJCAI 2019!

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Invited Talks

Intelligent Modeling Technology in the Interactive Experience of Virtual Reality

Information Dissemination in Vehicular Networks in an Urban Hyperfractal Topology

Interpretable machine learning based on visual analysis

The history of artificial intelligence devolopement

Data-driven Cyber Security Intelligence

Graphs meet Deep Learning Challenges and Opportunities

General data integration methodology and support tools

Product Recommendations Based on Comments Discovering What You Like Through Strangers

Machine Learning for Sciences — Revisiting Direct Density-Ratio Estimation

Machine Learning for Sciences — Nonlinear Feature Selection for High-Dimensional Data

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Yi Chang


Fausto Giunchiglia


Ying Xu



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